The Agency Véronique Lopez

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A human scale agency

A concept

The only Press Relations and Public Relations agency specialized solely in art, design, “art de vivre” and interior design with skills suited to every need : communication consulting, places and products launches, corporate communication, event communication.

Goals and strengths

Goal of the agency

To turn its clients into leaders in their field in terms of notoriety through a strong media coverage targeted towards specific media types (art, design, product, economy, “art de vivre”, “people”).

Communication tools

Communication media

  • press release
  • press kit
  • newsletter
  • one-to-one appointments
  • digital communication


  • validation of the communication tools
  • definition of a schedule of actions
  • monthly reports
  • press book
  • validation of allocated budgets for special operations

The network

  • printed press
  • audiovisual press
  • digital press
  • social networks


The Véronique Lopez Agency has developed a homogeneous and consistent communication policy for dozens of prestigious clients and can take pride in its long list of references.

The Véronique Lopez Agency is famous for the relevance of its communication choices and possesses a transversality in very different fields that allows it to adapt its speech with creativity according to the contacted press :
  • Portrait
  • Saga
  • Heritage and history
  • News ...

A name

When Véronique Lopez founded her agency, she gave it her name, as a way of saying she gives all of herself to her work. Coming from a commercial background, Véronique Lopez uses her talent and her communication skills to the benefit of her clients. Art and design lover, passionate about the “art de vivre” and beauty in all its forms, she knows like no one else how to put forth the qualities of a place, a service, a company, a person (or all of them at once) to present them to the press. Thanks to her many years of experience and her numerous connections, Véronique Lopez turned her agency into a true “Parisian Concierge Service”.

Strengths of the agency

After many years of expertise, the Véronique Lopez agency knows perfectly all the prominent figures, methods and habits of the media business. This extensive knowledge allows her to take action at the best time, for the most qualitative media coverage.

  • Creation of targeted French and international journalists lists.
  • Daily relationships with the targeted journalists.
  • Personalized contacts and one-to-one appointments with the journalists.
  • Managing journalists requests and answering to them in line with the agreed strategy with the client or the marketing department.
  • Organisation of press events (press presentations, openings, lunches, breakfasts...).